Are Escape Rooms For Me?

Who Should Play?

Escape Keystone is for anyone who is looking for a challenge of both mental and physical tasks that take both teamwork and a personal self-belief to accomplish tasks in a high intensity environment. If you love puzzles and mysteries than these escape rooms are for you.

For Team Building

Our rooms are designed for intense participation from your group working together to escape the room in the hour time limit. It's a perfect addition for any company or business to build team-building skills as well as just plain fun!

For Special Events

Looking to have a special event, birthday party, a fun night out with friends? Escape Keystone can be that moment for you. Test your limits on both body and mind to see if you have what it takes to escape in the hour time limit!

Our Team

Shawn Yohe

The Guy With the Ideas

Brent Shaw

The Muscle and Pokemon Master

Jason Brill

The Hacker

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What People Say

The puzzles were challenging yet fun, the concept of the room was super neat and I can't wait for the next room. Highly recommend!

I had the pleasure in trying to escape keystone by being locked up in the Columbia jailhouse. There are some very clever ways in trying to solve the clues. By far the best escape room I have done. I can't wait to try out their next room Prohibition.
Hands down. The most fun and best escape room we've done. It was fast paced and kept you moving. Can't wait until the next one is open! We will be back!



If your question isn’t answered here, feel free to contact us.
An escape game is a real-life experience where participants are locked in a room and must use elements of the room, the group’s collective knowledge, and wits to discover clues, solve puzzles, and escape and/or find the missing item within a set amount of time.
The Room door is never locked for your safety and ours. You can leave at any point in time if you feel the need to! If you leave your time will not be entered into the record books though!!! Sorry!
The experience will take a limit time of 1 hour. Now if you are an escape room expert and want to try and beat the record which are posted on the board at the desk...give it a shot!!! We look forward to giving even the best masters a challenge!
Of course! We will have 2 Escape rooms up and running by middle of March. The third room will be coming in April!
Just the people in your group! We will be watching and listening to help you along your journey! Now if you want clues we will help, if you don't that's okay as well!
Bring your fine selves and your minds!!! If they are in different locations, we cannot help you! Worst case scenario, bring a smart friend or 5!
The youngest participants are 7 years of age with parent consent and the oldest folks we can allow in are 127 years old. There are always exceptions to the rules though.